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Our Readers Write

Re: Afternoon Tea at the Jersey Lilly 2016
Very many thanks for sharing this review - together with photos - of an astounding tea party. I was deeply impressed with the staging of the event and the trouble to which the ladies had gone to make it so special.

In Victorian and Edwardian times, the milliners of London created the most fabulous hats for ladies. Actresses led the fashions and not just the wealthy appearing in the Royal Enclosure at the Ascot Races.

I noted the beautiful tea services being used and the decorum of the event. Most impressive coming from our cousins over the pond!!!! At least some people appreciate the living standards and life style of a bygone age.

Please let the sentiments and admiration of a Brit be known to those who organised and attended this splendid function.
Warm regards as always.
Keith Shipman
Saarlouis - Nalbach
[Ed.: Read the full story about the afternoon tea here]

"My great uncle was Vern Thomason from Jordan area; since he also raised sheep we assume he may have taken the wool to Ingomar for shipping. We had some contact with him long ago, before he died; and we were able to go out to the old ranch with permission from the current owner (about forty years ago now). He told a story to my youngest brother, about a man who murdered someone in the area; and the law was going to be some days away at that time...Read more

LINDA LOU: Although Owen Badgett does not do email we got Peggy’s story to him by phone. And we will ask around for more information about the sheepherders that frequented Ingomar, and share with readers. Thanks Peggy!

"I knew Owen years ago when I lived in Miles City. I still have a poetry book that he autographed for me. Its in a box but I still have it! Owen used to come down to the Hole In The Wall where a bunch of us girls worked and he would come down and say hey and hang out for a bit.:) I hope he had a good turn-out at the Museum last night." - Stephani S-C.

Camp IOU News

’Twas the Night Before Christmas – A Calf Scour Green Owen Badgett Adventure

2016 christmas poem illustration, Twas the Night before Christmas, Ingomar Style© Linda Lou Crosby, November 2016

Christmas 2016 had just about arrived in the eastern Montana town of Ingomar, population 12. The historic Jersey Lilly Bar and Cafe had closed for the night in anticipation of a fun tomorrow. A big Christmas tree was amazingly up and lit in the center of town. Every year Ingomar townspeople said, “No more. Too much work” But every year, they got it done anyhow. Folks were settling in to a beautiful starlit night, and all of a sudden, the wind came up……



December News Roundup


Weather wagons and riders

Many thanks to the Forsyth Independent News for a fun local author reception Dec. 9th, which featured some wonderful writers, photographers and food, along with our 2017 “Bred to Buck” calendar, “Gypsy Cowman” DVD and “Adventures with Ragweed” books offered there. The newspaper’s Connie Brown took a few moments to have a fun pose with Hart.

Hart Broesel and Connie Brown at Forsyth Independent Press office, Forsyth Montana


If you need ice cubes, we can send you some for sure. We have been chopping ice to get our horses water during single digit and below zero temps.We had lots of fun at Camp IOU in Ingomar this year, with a fun tea party in June, followed by our two action-packed Ingomar Rodeos, and a great historical Ingomar wagon train adventure. You can expect more of the same in 2017.

A Big Thank You to all who have been buying our 2017 “Bred to Buck” calendar like hotcakes. We do have a couple left at the Lazy JC in Melstone, a couple at the Jersey Lilly and a few at the Forsyth Independent Press.

We wish you the Merriest Christmas with family and friends and a fantastic 2017 New Year!
Stay tuned!
Hart and Linda Lou


“Cowboy Tales” at Jersey Lilly in Ingomar
– Rousing Success

A packed crowd from various parts of Montana, Georgia, Minnesota, and even Alaska enjoyed a wonderful evening of excellent grub, melodious Western music, and cowboy poetry at Ingomar’s Jersey Lilly this October.

Triptych of photos of Almeda Bradshaw - Jim Hamilton - Gwen Petersen at the Jersey Lilly October 15, 2016

“Great food!” “Lots of fun!” “Terrific show!” Co-sponsored by Billings radio station KGHL, the fourth annual “Cowboy Tales” was a rousing success. Audience comments were wildly appreciative of the Jersey Lilly’s superb meal and the spellbinding performances by 2016 Cowboy Idol-winning western singer/musician Almeda Bradshaw, 2016 Cowboy Idol-winning cowboy poet Jim Hamilton, and the outrageous, timeless, hilarious self-titled “cow poet” and author Gwen Petersen. Read the story and see more photos here.



Ingomar Ranch Rodeo – Family Friendly Fun and Excitement, September 3-4, 2016 

2015 Ingomar Ranch Rodeo Team roping RR2

Photo by Hart Broesel.

Read about the Ingomar Open Rodeo, July 30, 2016 below:

Ingomar, the Little Town with a Big Rodeo….Rides Again

Photos by Hart Broesel.

After the arena dust settled, the stock was loaded, the prize money delivered and the street band had retired for the night, the seven members of the Ingomar Montana Rodeo committee (of a town whose population is twelve) could finally take a moment to realize this year’s 2016 Ingomar Open Rodeo was one of the best ever. The crowd was double the size of previous years. The cook shack sold loads of burgers and dogs. The Jersey Lilly barbecue was once again top notch.  And, the competitors were at the top of their game. “The bull rides were even better this year,“ said Paul Lansaw, who came all the way from the Mojave Desert to attend. “And the bucking horses…well, they came out gruntin’ and fumin’, looking like they’d just as soon eat you…” For the full story and more photos, click here.


Old-Fashioned Tea at the Jersey Lilly Enchants



High-Hatters of Hysham, MT enjoying the 2016 Jersey Lilly Tea

A bevy of beautiful ladies from 6 to 90-plus came dressed in summer finery and fancy millinery to enjoy a selection of teas and scrumptious treats prepared by Jersey Lilly hostess (and Lilly Langtry stand-in), June Nygren. The occasion was the third annual Old-Fashioned Ladies Tea, held on June 12, 2016 in Ingomar, Montana.  For the full story and more photos, click here.


Ragweed Humor Book Contest


Thumbnail-Ragweed Book Cover-RoundupLibrarybookcover-sellmorebooks_

Congratulations to our wonderful winners: Gwen Petersen, our Grand Prize Winner, and Aimee and (father) James Dziadulewicz, our First Place Picture Book winners. We were looking for a fun book, that made us laugh, and we got it. Gwen Petersen is a remarkable person and author, and we highly advise you get a copy of her grand prize-winning, “Older Than Dirt – The Musical,” and keep in touch with her at sagebrsh@itstriangle.com. Gwen Petersen gets a $100 Amazon card, as the Grand Prize Winner, and both winners are getting a copy of Linda Lou Crosby’s award-winning book “Adventures with Ragweed,” and $ell More eBook$, by Lucinda Sue Crosby and Laura Dobbins. Learn more about the book and the contest winners at ragweedadventures.com.