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Our Readers Write

Comments on the October 8, 2017 Camp IOU newsletter.

“The roping was the Wrangler National Team Roping Finals. I have roped at the finals two other times, but have never had any luck. This is the largest payout I have received for an event. The horse I rode is a 9 year old mare that I bought about 2 months ago. She does everything right so it makes my part easy. Team roping is a sport that allows you to get away from the grind of the work week or day. You have to be focused and in the moment, much like golf. It’s also one of the few hobbies that will actually pay for itself if your lucky.” – Travis Nye

Re: Afternoon Tea at the Jersey Lilly 2016
Very many thanks for sharing this review – together with photos – of an astounding tea party. I was deeply impressed with the staging of the event and the trouble to which the ladies had gone to make it so special.

In Victorian and Edwardian times, the milliners of London created the most fabulous hats for ladies. Actresses led the fashions and not just the wealthy appearing in the Royal Enclosure at the Ascot Races.

I noted the beautiful tea services being used and the decorum of the event. Most impressive coming from our cousins over the pond!!!! At least some people appreciate the living standards and life style of a bygone age.

Please let the sentiments and admiration of a Brit be known to those who organised and attended this splendid function.
Warm regards as always.
Keith Shipman
Saarlouis – Nalbach
[Ed.: Read the full story about the afternoon tea here]

“My great uncle was Vern Thomason from Jordan area; since he also raised sheep we assume he may have taken the wool to Ingomar for shipping. We had some contact with him long ago, before he died; and we were able to go out to the old ranch with permission from the current owner (about forty years ago now). He told a story to my youngest brother, about a man who murdered someone in the area; and the law was going to be some days away at that time…Read more

LINDA LOU: Although Owen Badgett does not do email we got Peggy’s story to him by phone. And we will ask around for more information about the sheepherders that frequented Ingomar, and share with readers. Thanks Peggy!

“I knew Owen years ago when I lived in Miles City. I still have a poetry book that he autographed for me. Its in a box but I still have it! Owen used to come down to the Hole In The Wall where a bunch of us girls worked and he would come down and say hey and hang out for a bit.:) I hope he had a good turn-out at the Museum last night.” – Stephani S-C.

Adventures with Ragweed Summer Garden Contest Winners!


Owen Badgett Drawing of Cow Enjoying Garden

Owen Badgett’s Amoosing Take on Prairie Garden Design

Book cover image of Adventures with Ragweed and Packet of Pumpkin Seeds

Gardening Contest Prizes

Adventures with Ragweed Summer Garden Contest Winners!


October 3rd, 2014

Entries for the Ragweed Summer Gardening Contest closed September 25th, and after taking a careful look at our wonderful entries we have the winners! Now things changed a bit, as instead of awarding one first place, and then 5 honorable mentions, we decided to award two first place winners – one overall, and one humor award, and then two honorable mention wards.

First place overall went to Cheryl Heser, who came up with a really wonderful, encompassing idea, and THEN even added projected costs for the project. That really sealed the deal for first place for us, because we must watch our pennies. So a concept that will make a wonderful difference in our garden, AND not cost too much was the overall winning choice.

First Place Winner of Adventures with Ragweed 2014 Garden ContestCheryl Heser (left) – First Place Winner of Adventures with Ragweed Gardening Contest
with Linda Lou Crosby (right).

First place in humor, (a completely unplanned award until we read Bob’s idea) goes to a hard working rancher and singing cowboy, Bob Petermann. After reading about his idea, you will see why we just had to create a humor award and give it to Bob. All I have to do now is get a milk cow….

We also decided to award two honorable mentions as these ideas stood above all the rest. Kacey Tully’s portrayal of a “Fairy Garden” was delightful. So delightful we just had to include it in a recent blog. (For our blog, check out and click on Blog.) And it deserved an honorable mention.

We also loved the entry from Liza Vladyka, who kind of combined a number of good ideas, and introduced a raised bed. We liked that a lot.

In fact we liked our honorable mention winners so much, we are sending them a packet of seeds. Other entries came up with bulbs, bushes or flowers to sort of surround the area, which was plenty fun, but didn’t quite equal our winners.

COMING UP: We will be featuring photographs from a special visit to the “Enchanted Room” in Glendive, MT. It is truly an enchanted place. We will also put the winners in our Camp IOU newsletter. AND post the ideas in our blog….one at a time. If you want to find out more about Ingomar happenings, let us know you want to sign up at

Thanks to all who took part in our first ever Ragweed Summer Garden Contest!! And again, congratulations to the winners!