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Our Readers Write

Comments on the October 8, 2017 Camp IOU newsletter.

“The roping was the Wrangler National Team Roping Finals. I have roped at the finals two other times, but have never had any luck. This is the largest payout I have received for an event. The horse I rode is a 9 year old mare that I bought about 2 months ago. She does everything right so it makes my part easy. Team roping is a sport that allows you to get away from the grind of the work week or day. You have to be focused and in the moment, much like golf. It’s also one of the few hobbies that will actually pay for itself if your lucky.” – Travis Nye

Re: Afternoon Tea at the Jersey Lilly 2016
Very many thanks for sharing this review – together with photos – of an astounding tea party. I was deeply impressed with the staging of the event and the trouble to which the ladies had gone to make it so special.

In Victorian and Edwardian times, the milliners of London created the most fabulous hats for ladies. Actresses led the fashions and not just the wealthy appearing in the Royal Enclosure at the Ascot Races.

I noted the beautiful tea services being used and the decorum of the event. Most impressive coming from our cousins over the pond!!!! At least some people appreciate the living standards and life style of a bygone age.

Please let the sentiments and admiration of a Brit be known to those who organised and attended this splendid function.
Warm regards as always.
Keith Shipman
Saarlouis – Nalbach
[Ed.: Read the full story about the afternoon tea here]

“My great uncle was Vern Thomason from Jordan area; since he also raised sheep we assume he may have taken the wool to Ingomar for shipping. We had some contact with him long ago, before he died; and we were able to go out to the old ranch with permission from the current owner (about forty years ago now). He told a story to my youngest brother, about a man who murdered someone in the area; and the law was going to be some days away at that time…Read more

LINDA LOU: Although Owen Badgett does not do email we got Peggy’s story to him by phone. And we will ask around for more information about the sheepherders that frequented Ingomar, and share with readers. Thanks Peggy!

“I knew Owen years ago when I lived in Miles City. I still have a poetry book that he autographed for me. Its in a box but I still have it! Owen used to come down to the Hole In The Wall where a bunch of us girls worked and he would come down and say hey and hang out for a bit.:) I hope he had a good turn-out at the Museum last night.” – Stephani S-C.

Ingomar Ranch Rodeo 2015

Ingomar Ranch Rodeo rain slicker
When the steers were all corralled, the last bronc ridden, and the dust had settled, it was the Reid Ranch from Boise Idaho in first place at the Labor Day Second Annual Ingomar Ranch Rodeo. They won last year’s event, too. It had been an amazing weekend. Ten teams from Idaho, Wyoming and various parts of Montana converged to compete and see who would qualify to go on to the Northern International Livestock Expo, the NILE, in Billings in October, and the Western States Ranch Rodeo Association (WSRRA) National Finals in Winnemucca, Nevada, October 29 through November. The Ingomar Rodeo Club of 7 (in a town of 14) along with event organizer Nate Roskelley had pulled off another successful competition.

“It was darn close,” said Roskelley, “The Reid Ranch bested the Circle B Ranch, Bighorn MT, by only half a point.” From the first cow milking to the final bronc ride, things moved like clockwork and got action-packed. The plan was to have two teams going after two cows in the milking event, at the same time. The two teams of four, and two cows got busy at the same end of the arena. While each team’s job was roping their cow and then milking it, the crowd’s job was figuring out who was doing what. And creative comments by veteran announcer Jack Blankenship added to the excitement. Rebecca Roskelley, Nate’s wife, could have used a skateboard to get to all her various jobs. She worked everything from the gate, to the awards, to whatever. She even met a family from New York. They were driving by Ingomar, saw some action and decided to stay. “They told me they were having a great time,” said Rebecca.

Ranch rodeos take place across the country, and are increasing in popularity.  “I think it gives the crowd an insight into ranch life, into the cowboy way of life, with a lot of family fun attached,” said Cheryl Heser, who had come with husband Doug from Forsyth to enjoy the day. The main events all took place on Sunday, Sept. 5th, with a special event Saturday night.

Nate had told everyone to, “Expect the unexpected.” And that was no lie. Saturday night had offered a Big Loop roping. As participants were getting their ropes measured by Nate and Rebecca – they had to be 18ft – clouds were gathering. And the wind began to blow. Rodeo Club co-chairman Howard Newman, who was marking start lines with flour, looked like he might have gotten as much on him as the ground. It wasn’t long before buckets of rain fell, and kept coming. The loudspeaker system was carefully stored in case of rain, so Ingomar Rodeo secretary and scorekeeper Alice Cameron (who thankfully has a pretty loud voice) was shouting from the crows’ nest down to Nate in the arena to see who was up next. Nate would shout back up at Alice. “I couldn’t hear a darn thing,” said Alice, “ with that rain pouring on the tin roof.” No way a little rain was going to stop these folks.  They got it done. Then participants hunkered down for the night. The Reid Ranch bunked at the Ingomar community center out of the weather. That may have given them the edge they neededSunday to win.

From cow milking, to doctoring to trailering to branding to bronc riding, Ranch teams brought their best to the rodeo. At the end of the day, awards were presented at the historic Jersey Lilly Bar and Café. Silver horn caps to the winning team, and saddle blankets for second place. For Nate, it was the realization of a dream come true. “I appreciate all the ranches coming out, the crowd that cheered them on, and the hard work by the Ingomar Rodeo Club.” What’s next?  Roskelley is thinking next year could be two full days….20 teams. Like he said, “Expect the unexpected.” Labor Day 2016, be there!

That's a big loop-w

Measure loop 2-w

A very young cowboy learning the ropes

Buckaroo 2-w

Cowboy Poetry and Western Ballads at the Jersey Lilly

Cowboy Poetry in Ingomar Cowboy Tales Poster 2015

COWBOY TALES at the Jersey Lilly Ingomar Montana – SATURDAY, OCT 17th, 2015

Folks, it’s that time again. Time to sit back, relax and enjoy “Cowboy Tales,” an evening of Cowboy Poetry, Western music and great grub – Eastern Montana style. It is an evening for celebrating the colorful cowboy tradition, with a mighty combination of songs from Colstrip’s Sonny Buckalew, western ballads by Wibaux’s Bob Petermann and “the real deal” cowboy poetry presented by Ingomar’s Owen Badgett. Badgett has performed for sell-out crowds, most recently at the Cowboy Poetry Gathering in Lewistown, MT; at the Cowboy Poetry Gathering in Elko, NV; at the High Plains Western Heritage Center in Spearfish, SD; at Salinas, Ridgecrest and Lone Pine, CA – during the Lone Pine Film Festival. Badgett and Eastern Montana are the subjects of a documentary, “The Gypsy Cowman…A Vanishing Breed,” produced by Linda Lou Crosby, of Ingomar, that premiered in Miles City, MT and at the Lone Pine Film Festival. Petermann’s music is also featured on the DVD.

Sonny Buckalew, of Colstrip, returning from his 2011 performance in Ingomar, is no stranger to the Jersey Lilly. Years ago he worked nearby and used to play there. In fact, in 2010, on a whim, Sonny came up and played at one of the popular Jersey Lilly Jam Sessions. As Badgett puts it, “Sonny can really play and he can sing those western ballads.” The entire Buckalew family is a family of musicians in which, according to Sonny, “just about everybody plays an instrument or sings.”

Bob Petermann is a songwriter/ ballad singer, and a Cowboy Tales favorite, with over 200 songs in his repertoire. He can spin a tale with music as gracefully as he swings a lariat. His music celebrates Montana skies, cowboys lookin’ for a few “good horses to ride,” and a hilarious song called “The Wiregrass Blues.” He has entertained audiences across the country (most recently at Lewistown) with songs like the “Old Cowboy Waltz,” and even a poem “Ranching’s Final Stand,” which is a great read for any western cowpuncher.

June Nygren, owner of the Jersey Lilly, is looking forward to offering yet another great meal to evening guests. June’s food fare is legendary. And once again, she is “cooking up” a dandy set of recipes for the evening. “It will be the fourth time we’ve had our ‘Cowboy Tales’ event, and we enjoyed feeding a packed house each time,” added June, “with folks from all over Montana. Not to mention, I get to enjoy an evening of great Western entertainment.”

Meet with the performers after the show and find out more about what inspires them to do what they do. Badgett will be signing his newest book, “Get Your Suger Beet Bluchers, It’s All Lies…”, and might offer insight into how he arrived at the title. Petermann is in the middle of producing his newest CD, and Buckalew has plenty to share about music and his life on the plains.

For an evening of fun, food and cowboy lore, come to the Jersey Lilly, Saturday, October 17th at 6:00p.m. Tickets are $22.00 for dinner and the show. Call 406-358-2278 (Jersey Lilly) reservations or 406-358-2289 (Camp IOU) for more information. Entertainer photos available. This is a Camp IOU production. See ya there!


Ingomar Rodeo July 25 2015

Ingomar Rodeo – eastern Montana town of eleven – puts on a Classy Rodeo

Please contact llneon90@gmail.com, 406-358-2289 for more info

Bronc rider at the Ingomar rodeo

Bronc rider at the Ingomar rodeo

In the little town if Ingomar, Montana, big things were happening. It was time for the 24th open rodeo. And the town of eleven had once again raised the bar.

Besides four new chutes installed three years ago, besides a newly built crows nest built last year, and a brand new rodeo office built this year; six NFR qualifiers, two PRCA former bronc riders and four bonafide western desert wild horse catchers were present; serving as judges, announcing, volunteering as help and even participating in the events.

The six NFR qualifiers included: Wally Badgett of Miles City, Deb Greenough (former world champion bareback bronc rider) of Fromberg, Ike Sanke of Joliet, Colin Murnion of Jordan, and Brad Germanson (former world champion saddle bronc rider) from Marshall, ND. Ike and Brad also took part in the Single Steer Roping event in the afternoon.

Serving as judges were Tom Nunn and Todd Nunn, of Shepherd, Montana and Lovell, Wyoming respectively. Both Nunns were PRCA Bronc Riders.  At one point Todd was seventeenth in the world, and Tom now has a saddle shop in Shepherd. They were also bonafide wild horse catchers in the deserts of California, along with Ingomar’s cowboy poet Owen Badgett (assisting with stock for the event) and Vic McDermott of Lovell, Wyoming.

Deb Grenough Deb Greenough, rodeo announcer, former world champion bareback bronc riderDeb Grenough, Rodeo Announcer

There were over 100 entries in the rodeo. It was the fourth year that Grenough has been the announcer. The Ingomar rodeo committee of seven is honchoed by Donald Cameron and Howard Newman – the Newman name is big one in eastern Montana for saddle bronc stock and raising cattle. TJ Newman stock was provided for bronc events, while event cattle were provided by Paul Eiker of Glendive, and the Sankeys from Bridger Montana.

“Basically the town comes out and helps during rodeo time”, said Alice Cameron, secretary of the rodeo club. You couldn’t get into the rodeo until you went by longtime Ingomar resident Patty Erikson, with her grandson, taking gate money on the North road, and two of her granddaughters helping out with the gate at the South road to town. Not to mention rodeo committee members rancher Wally Newman and Morris Ware (an expert teamster who was busy giving rides to Friday guests), who performed chute duties, along with parent volunteers rounding out rodeo help.

Donald Cameron, has had a vision of building the Ingomar Rodeo into something special for quite awhile, “ It was a great day, with some tough bronc rides, and bull rides, team ropers, steer wrestlers, kids and adults racing barrels, you name it. The volunteers make all this happen. The participants bring it to life. And wait until next year, it’ll even be better.” Don could also be seen driving a 4-wheeler and dragging a harrow, smoothing out the arena between each event.

“It’s a phenomenon,” said Deb Greenough, who carried a pro rodeo card for 15 years, “I think it’s the only rodeo where the rodeo grounds are actually surrounded by cattle fence.” Greenough was referring to the fact that cattle are run in the various pastures that surround the town. And any way in crosses a cattle guard. Greenough comes to Ingomar because, “I grew up with rodeo, and I just enjoyed it so much. My kids like to go. And this is a rodeo for family’s, with some darn tough events.”

Rodeo day was followed by a deep pig roast sponsored by the Jersey Lilly Saloon and Eatery, followed by a street dance.

Prize money increased to $300 per event this year, with approximately 300 attending the event.  “If ever there was a town where ‘Lonesome Dove’ still lives, it’s Ingomar,” said Todd Nunn.  “And don’t forget the upcoming Ingomar Ranch rodeo, Sept. 5th and 6th” added Donald Cameron. “It is a great event honchoed by local cowman Nate Roskelly, with ten ranches participating.” Call 406-947-2221 for more info.

Photos – by professional photographer Hart Broesel – include Ingomar resident Patty Erikson taking tickets at the North gate; rodeo judges Tom Nunn and Todd Nunn  (L to R) former PRCA bronc riders, between events at the rodeo;Alice Cameron taking entries; Rodeo honcho Donald John Cameron smoothing arena between event; Deb Greenough, rodeo announcer, former world champion bareback bronc rider; bull rider; and bronc rider.

Patty Erikson at Ingomar Rodeo North Gate Tom and Todd Nunn Alice Cameron taking entry at Ingomar Rodeo Donald John Cameron smoothing Ingomar Rodeo arena Bull-ride Ingomar MontanaBronc ride 2 Ingomar Montana

Cucumber Sandwich Recipe

Courtesy of June Nygren, proprietor of the Jersey Lilly Bar and Cafe in Ingomar, Montana, here is a recipe for the delicious cucumber sandwiches recently served at the Old-Fashioned Afternoon Tea this summer to rave reviews.
Cucumber sandwich recipe from the Jersey Lilly in Ingomar, MT.

Jersey Lilly Old-Fashioned Tea June 2015

June and Montana at the Jersey Lilly
June Nygren (left) and Montana Reynolds (right) serving tea at the Jersey Lilly in Ingomar, June 18, 2015.

By Linda Lou Crosby and Adele Field

Who would imagine that a small crowd would come together for tea in a remote rustic outpost in dry land ranch country? Well, come they did, to the Jersey Lilly Saloon, transformed for the day by June Nygren with a myriad of tiny sparkling lights and flowers, linen tablecloths, and beautiful place settings with real china cups. The aroma of Cranberry Autumn, Decaf Paris, Organic Green and Mango-Flavored Black Tea filled the Jersey Lilly as guests enjoyed the second annual Old-Fashioned Tea in Ingomar, Montana June 18th, 2015.

A definitely Eastern Montana entrance was provided by photographer Jackie Jensen as she pulled up to the event in her truck and horse trailer; then expertly transformed herself (in the horse trailer) into a fashionably attired guest. It was a multi-generational, delightful afternoon party, a reminder of the genteel side of the taming of the Old West. Ladies and children dressed in a range of finery from historical turn of the (20th) century costumes, to charming summer dresses, to neatly pressed jeans.

Personal reminiscences of family tea traditions and proper decorum were shared much to the amusement of everyone. Linda Lou was not able to attend this year, as she was being towed around Nevada (long story for another time. She is finally back in Ingomar — thank heavens), but Adele Field came over from Melstone, and (besides co-writing this story) took the photographs you see on our website. Adele had some extra insight to add, “While we all sampled the variety of delicious hot teas served by June — chocolate chai was the hands-down kids’ choice — we learned that plain black tea is the go-to favorite across the pond. And, apparently, our American penchant for iced tea has been viewed with disdain or utter confusion elsewhere!”

June Nygren enjoyed herself as always, and along with many guests, is looking forward to the next tea extravaganza. “We have some fun ideas for next year, with intriguing suggestions from attendees. We continue to explore the possibilities of our Old-Fashioned Tea in Ingomar, Montana.” To find out more, or get on our newsletter list, send Linda Lou an email at ll@campiou.com


From left foreground around table: Cheryl Heser, Ginny Weber, Marion Shaver, and Terry Billings, all of Forsyth, MT. (Photo courtesy Cheryl Heser.)

Tea table food by June Nygren
Tea guest at the Jersey Lilly
A beautiful costume!
 Guest storytelling at the tea
 Tea guests shared amusing personal reminiscences about tea.

July 4th in Ingomar


July 4th in Ingomar, with a parade, fancy fireworks
and the W.E. Clifton Family Reunion

Around 250 people converged on Ingomar for the 2015 W.E. Clifton Family Reunion this Fourth of July weekend. It was a busy time as family came to Ingomar, Montana from all over the map. It was the second time the Clifton family had celebrated in Ingomar, former home of the “Great Grand folks,” the W.E. Clifton family. The family began their reunion tradition in 1981. People spent the weekend in RVs, which were parked all over town, and multiplied the resident 14 town folk of Ingomar by about 20 times. Parade goers lined Main St. in front of the Jersey Lilly to wave at parade floats and get their share of candy tossed from the float riders. The evening was topped off by a wonderful firework display. Parade-from-side-w

Morris and Mae Ware of Ingomar (besides participating in the parade) gave wagon rides with their team of Belgian mares throughout the weekend. And Dan Clifton gave folks rides out to the Clifton homestead.


Floats included Dale Clifton celebrating our troops, Halie Tisdale singing tributes to America the Beautiful, while Daniel Hopf led the parade with the American Flag.



It was a grand weekend.

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Owen Badgett featured as subject for Mary Kaye CD

Owen Badgett is featured as the subject for the new Mary Kaye CD, “Ride a Wide Circle,” a tribute to Owen and generational ranching and farming families. Mary Kaye is a phenomenal recording artist and songwriter.

Mary Kaye and Owen Badgett will be appearing Aug 13th – 16th in Lewistown, during the 30th Annual Montana Cowboy Poetry Gathering. Red Steagall (starring) and Dave Stamey (guest appearance) are performers for the Saturday night show. It will be held at the Yogo Inn. Visit http://www.montanacowboypoetrygathering.com to find out more. A “not to miss” event!

Singer songwriter Mary Kaye
Dear Friends,

We think the name of the new CD will be, “Ride A Wide Circle” a song I wrote aboutMontana cowboy Owen Badgett. He has written a treasury of stories and poems that I have read multiple times. He is what Wally McRae describes as a “cowboy of the old school.” Two of the lines of the poem before the song are Owen’s own words. The rest is my tribute to him and to those fortunate few who are part of generational ranching and farming families.

Thank You for all your Pre-purchases! We have collected roughly $8,500 from the New CD “Kick Starter” Store with promises for another $1,000. The CD is coming along nicely but is gobbling up the money fast. We had the Store Page down but someone asked today if they could still pre-order some things. So it is back up. Below is the link. We appreciate all you have done! Take care.


Mary Kaye

Adventures with Ragweed Humor Contest

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Musings from the Prairie - A Question for Owen Badgett

“Owen, Just a question about some of the old timers from the area when your father lived there. My great uncle was Vern Thomason from Jordan area; since he also raised sheep we assume he may have taken the wool to Ingomar for shipping. We had some contact with him long ago, before he died; and we were able to go out to the old ranch with permission from the current owner (about forty years ago now).  He told a story to my youngest brother, about a man who murdered someone in the area; and the law was going to be some days away at that time, so the locals took the law into their own hands……he pointed at a mound out on his land in Sand Springs, and said that is where the man was buried (he did not do the deed, but knew where he was buried). Thanks for your time.” – Peggy Failla (Thomason), Seabeck, Washington

LINDA LOU: Although Owen Badgett does not do email we got Peggy’s story to him by phone. And we will ask around for more information about the sheepherders that frequented Ingomar, and share with readers. Thanks Peggy!