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The Gypsy Cowman DVD CoverThe Gypsy Cowman….A Vanishing Breed
DVD, $20 + shipping

A documentary about Eastern Montana cowboy Poet Owen Badgett, and the Eastern Montana ranching way of life. Produced by Linda Lou Crosby, the program premiered at the Lone Pine Film Festival, Lone Pine, CA and in Miles City, MT in 2009. Enter a world where Badgett has no electricity, and no running water out on a cow camp in Eastern Montana. But Owen has time to write his stories by oil lamp. In this documentary you will meet Owen and his ranching friends, who live a life that may be fading away. It is a life filled with honor, friend helping friend, humor and good times. The scenery is spectacular; the story compelling. Is Owen Badgett a vanishing breed….you decide.


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